Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy day thoughts!

Not that there were many, as the city, which depends on depressions for its regular monsoon season has very few rainy days. Anyway as someone who does n't really bother whether it rains or shines (it is humid anyway) and lazes around whenever possible, musing was n't an altogether different job.

* There was a lot of annoyance this time around, because the little mister had to be dropped off and picked up from school. Worse, since it rained heavily last week he had an extended weekend holiday for four days. Worse, worse, we had to engage him throughout. Not so bad was the fact that H took it upon himself to make some 'rainy day' snacks and we ended up having pop corn and peanuts on all days.

* It was raining and the little one did not have a raincoat. The distance is too short to haggle with an auto-rickshaw fellow, not that anyone would oblige for a minimum fare and too long for a walk, and quite bothersome for the usual two-wheeler ride. Nevertheless V's amma, became super scooter woman and whizzed past the nagging traffic, snarled at overtaking drivers and raced against the drizzle to drop him at school.

But the little one needed a rain-coat. As the father of the child feigned selective deafness (and sometimes amnesia), when the said topic was brought up, amma took it upon herself, took the harried child straight from school to the near-by shop (it was very very cloudy, so I patted myself), bought the last piece of raincoat available for his size and walked out only to find the sun shining brightly.

Said raincoat is lying unnoticed as it has n't rained since the moment I made the purchase. My argument with the deaf man was that, if the raincoat had n't been bought, it would have rained and drenched the poor child who anyway had absented himself from school because of cold!

Considering how deeply attached I am to this topic I should have named the post "Rain-coat musings"!

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