Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh my sleeping child!

I have been constantly admonished by elders not to admire a sleeping child. Some almost left me crippled by a curse when I dared to send them pictures of the sleeping infant a few weeks after his birth. Even now I cannot control the urge to smile at the sleeping peaceful face. But what do I do? That is the only time when both of us are in peace with each other. Both smiling, albeit one of them sleeping. No arguments, no running around, no crying, no show of willfulness, no demonstration of attitude (Yes, I am talking about a two year old).

During one of those 'admiring a sleeping child' moments, I wished (like any other parent) that this child would never grow! In fact that was my wish ever since the little one was six months old. It is another story that as soon as he was born I wanted him to grow to become a three or four month old, because I was very jittery handling a few weeks old baby and was constantly driving the doctors crazy.

Now dear child, please don't grow and become worldly wise or worse. Be what you are. I pray to God to turn  you into a 'Markandeya" and stop aging at two and a half. This way I would also stop growing and need not worry about what to dress you up for 'Fancy dress' (thankfully the school insists that it is not a competition) for school tomorrow!

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