Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Moon and other terrace stories!

The little one's evening routine these days includes a visit to the terrace with his amma and spends the time by pretending to help her in bringing back the clothes, in the process scaring her wits out by suddenly climbing the stairs to the water tank. His current interest is 'the moon', and having mastered (well, nearly!) "Nila Nila Odi vaa"- a popular tamil rhyme on the moon- he sings to, screams at and threatens the moon to come down and play with him!

The other day he was amused to find the moon in 'half its size' (I just checked myself before telling him about the various phases!) and proceeded to tell the following story:

Moon dhoppa vizhunthu adi pattuthu...athaan paathi irukku...ooovunu azhuthuthu... doctor mama oochi potta.

The translation: The Moon fell down from the sky and broke. That is why it looks half its size. Since the moon cried from pain, we took it to the doctor and he gave an injection.

I wonder what turn this story would take on 'amavasai'!


Since it is an uphill task to bring V down from the terrace, I thought hard and came up with a plan. Accordingly, I lift him up and casually ask him to say bye to the moon, the birds, the train, the plane, the water tank, the motor and whatever he sets his eyes upon, and then bring him down. After initial bewilderment, he took it nicely and came down without a word....until today.

After having spent some time, in order to leave, I picked him up and asked him to say bye to 'everyone'. He resisted and wanted to stay in the 'motta maadi'. After much cajoling he said...

...'Bye Amma'...

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