Monday, November 16, 2009

The Little 'Nekamic'...

...or that is how V says 'mechanic'. His school had a 'fancy dress' day to celebrate children's day and we joined the band wagon of parents who break their heads to dress up their children 'differently'. Though the school made the announcement only the previous day, with V having an amma who had read his school brochure some twenty times, we were quite prepared. Though we had n't decided on the exact costume until midnight, we had our choices made. For starters, I was quite adamant that we use clothes that he already had and probably add a few props. Then, the dress had to be comfortable enough for V to spend all his school hours in. That meant we had only two or three options on hand.

There was the ubiquitous white kurta pyjama and with a rose and a white cap, he could easily turn into 'Chacha Nehru'. Since it was too obvious and simple, we kept that costume as a backup. Next, since he had in his possession a pair of dark brown trousers and a faded green T-shirt, the amma had the idea of dressing him like a tree, with paper leaves stuck on his shirt. But with the brat flinging off any extra piece of clothing draped on his self, that option was also ruled out. Out of the closet came his 'dungarees' that was purchased a year early and still a little loose on him! A quick scan of his toy cupboard discovered his 'tool set' which has a belt that can be worn around. So a mechanic, it was decided. He had his cap to go along with the outfit.

When all was decided, close to midnight, the amma became restless.
Amma:  The dungaree is an overall...what if he gets uncomfortable?
Appa: He won't
Amma: It is raining... he may get the urge to use the toilet frequently..
Appa: They will look to it at school...
Amma: What if..?
Appa: Let's change the outfit..

The wardrobe was rummaged, all possible outfits were pulled out. After an hour we decided to stick to the mechanic.

Next day, V refused to get dressed up so we used our trump card ,the mirror. V will even dress like a bucket if so shown in front of the mirror. He was all done with the dungaree, the tool kit, a turned cap et al. We dropped him at school and I told the coordinator that he may get uncomfortable and was told that all children will get back to 'normal' clothes after some time.

After two hours of nail biting, I went to pick him up only to find him in his 'nekamic' dress!


Anonymous said...

"Nekamic" Creative thought :)

wishes to your kid.

Hema said...

Thanks Mittu!