Monday, November 9, 2009

Kid speak!

(V is having his bath, and he tries to use the hand shower himself)

Appa/Amma: No, don't do that. Appa or Amma will give you a bath. You are kutti (small) Appa and amma are big...okya?
V: Okya (His way of saying OK) 

(A month later, V is trying to use the hand shower on his own, again)

Amma: No. You are kutti.
V: No amma...  you don't do are not big. You are kutti...
Amma: (gasps) then who's big?
V: Appa
Appa: OK I am big..I ll give you a bath.
V: No are not big you are kutti
Appa and Amma: eh?
V: Thatha is big

P.S:At this rate I guess I have to maintain a separate blog for conversations!

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