Saturday, November 14, 2009

How safe are our children?

At the time of V's admission to play school we were asked to give photographs of those who were likely to pick up the child after school. It could be parents, grandparents, servant-maid, driver, neighbor or anyone else but a photograph must be furnished. The school did n't want to take any chances, with the safety of children at stake in this bad mad world.

The principal narrated the story of a father, who was living abroad for about six months a year and had come to pick his son from school, coming straight from the airport. The teachers refused to send the child with him, as the father's photograph was not available with them. The man flew into a rage and asked them how they could do this and did n't they see that the boy resembled him. The authorities politely refused and the angry father had to leave without his ward. After cooling down he was said to have come back and had written a thank you note on how safe his son was at this school.

I don't know how many schools follow this, but I support the school on this issue completely. When I talk to people about this, they make a face and scowl at the school for being silly but I am glad God has given me the sense to ignore them.

I am already worried about the auto rickshaws or vans that we would have to depend upon in future to drop the little one to the mainstream school that he would have to join in future. After reading this, linked up by the mad momma I really wonder, if some parents -not those who do not have a choice-  really make anything worthwhile, by leaving thier children with strangers.

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