Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't push 'em

This is not about working parents. I know mothers who spend most of their time at office thinking about their eighteen month old at day care. This is also not of parents -mothers- who are so tied down with house work that their children, even when if they are not two, are sent to play school for a couple of hours.

At V's school a set of twin girls joined along with him. They were only 20 months old. For almost three weeks since the twins joined, the mother was asked to wait outside because the kids simply did n't settle down and kept crying throughout. What's worse...They missed a week because they were down with cold (which I am sure was because of the incessant crying). So every day the mother would wait along with a domestic help. Initially I thought that the mother was working. But no. She is not working. She has elders at home who would take care of some of the house work. She has a domestic help to help with the children. Why then are the children sent to play school (not daycare...thankfully!) when they are still drinking milk from a bottle? The reason she gave took the daylights out of me. She wanted the children to become sociable (at 20 months!!) They are cooped up in the house all day and get to play 'only inside the apartment complex's premises'. Also, she wanted her children to join only on "Vijayadasami", and next year, they would be about thirty months old that time. I wanted to ask her many things but did n't. The children are now settled. But I just could n't imagine their predicament across weeks.

Here I am, having avoided the term beginning June because V was 'only 23 months' old then... Was keeping my fingers crossed when he joined, and even now expecting a bawl any day. If I had put him in school a little earlier I am sure I would have resembled V's grandmom when I picked him up the first few months and his great grand mom a few months later!

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