Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Call the Doctor, Call the Doctor...

Last month we took V for a typhoid vaccination. These days, he is prepared a day before the said injection day, on how the 'oochi' (injection) will only be a prick and how good it is for his health. He protested a little at the doctor's clinic, muttered something to the good dodctor, and before he knew, the job was done and he wondered loud, 'oochi vallikaliye' (The injection was not painful)!

Cut...to present.

Two days back, we took him for a Hepatitis A booster vaccination. The usual ritual was followed. That morning we asked him,
Where are we going tonight?
In fact later in the evening he said, "Amma...dottorku ponum" (Must go to the doctor's)
We trooped out at around nine that night (this way we normally are the last to enter the clinic and meet the doctor almost immediately without having to wait in the crowd!)  V said, "Thatha tata...oochi potukaa poden".

All our happiness at how our young turk was prepared to face the battle crashed when, on our way to the clinic, he started crying...dottor nooo...oocchi nooo...dottor poita (had left) etc.
At the clinic we had a wait for a few minutes and V became very difficult to handle despite soothing words and constant wrestling.

Finally we manged to enter the doctor's room.
V: Dottor...nee poo...oocchi vanda...nee poooo
The good man did n't understand a word but understood the situation.
I held V on my lap. The doctor examined him amidst conversations about the beach, dinner and V replied "Ooocchi noooo".
The doctor slowly took out the syringe and the medicine, with V's eyes constantly on the needle. And as he kept saying no oochi today come tomorrow, and as held V's thigh tightly with one hand,he injected the vaccine, with the other.

V said "sari...oocchi naalaiki" (injection tomorrow) and smiled. We came home. He said.."Thatha...occhi nalaiki"
Next morning we asked him, "Doctor occhi potacha?" he said "No...naalaiki"
Till this day he has n't realized that he was given the injection..!

Thank you doctor, Thank you Doctor...!


Reflecting, I think it was our fault. To deter the little brat from playing in the water for too long, or for pouring water all over himself or to prevent him from taking unwanted risks in climbing etc, we kept telling him how if he falls sick we will have to go in for an injection. Speaking the truth does have its consequences.


soin said...

little girls seem to take oosi better than kutti guys..atleast the couple of kuttis i have seen..free

Uma said...

he didn't realise he got the injection!! Oh, I too tell my daughter about getting injections if she falls sick... can't help it I guess

Hema said...

Soin: Guess you are right!
Uma: I know... BTW thanks for passing by!