Tuesday, November 24, 2009

...and he cried

Last week, V cried all the way to school, invoking reactions from his surprised coordinator because it was his first cry-day, ever since he started going to school. My theories were proved right. However, I could n't gloat over it saying 'amma's always right', because the problem was not about going to school. It began with a simple issue of 'not wanting to wear' his new shoes, then not wanting appa to drop him in the scooter, not wanting appa to drop him at all, of wanting both appa and amma to come to school and culminated in excessive crying. After I dropped him and came home, I kept thinking about it and realized that I worried not about his 'crying to school' business, but what actually provoked it.

Even as adults, we begin our quarrels (most often with the spouse!) over some petty issue. Clothes kept in a heap on the floor invokes anger and subsequently, the said clothes are forgotten and arguments regarding one's sense of hygiene leads to quarrels over how only one person has to do all the work.

Similarly, what could have provoked the child, apart from a pair of unwanted new shoes? I tried looking deep into it and wondered if we had done anything wrong. Looking at it, there was nothing 'wrong', but hence forth the responsibility is greater.

Instead of constant monitoring, careful observations have to be made. If it was something at school, the scope for understanding is broader as one gets to discuss with other parents and school authorities. But I firmly believe, irrespective of what is taught and observed outside, like everything else, learning also has to begin at home, both for the child and his/her parents.

Though incoherent, I hope I have managed to convey what was nagging me all these days. As always, this from the baby center website helped to calm me down a bit.

I would like your views on this...please write them here...


soin said...

somehow the whole shoe thing seems trivial..but i have seen all these kids have this magnitude of imagination that dwarfs us..he might have imagined a snake in it or something..and they usually dont tell it out..

Hema said...

It was trivial and it was not about 'something' in it. He just did n't want to wear it because of the attachment to his old pair!