Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Typical Conversations...

(Over Phone)
Me: (Not even a hello) You said you'll come early early?
H: In less than hour...why?
Me: Buy milk when you come?
H: Why? Did n't the lady bring milk in the afternoon?
Me: Yes...I need more
H: You said the servant maid will get a packet everyday...
Me: You buy milk or no coffee when you come home...
H: Ok done.

(Some 45 mins later)
H: Hey... A colleague will be coming along. He has to attend a con call
Me: But milk...
H: I am at the ATM. Will be there in 5 mins
Me: Milk???
H: No problem...
Me:  Did you buy milk?
H: No problem..I 'll get it
Me: stares confused

(A few minutes late H walks in with the colleague. After having introduced him and after the aforesaid colleague begins to attend his phone call...)

Me: Milk?
H: No problem...I ' ll get it.
H: No
Me: Then I ll go get tend to your colleague...

(As an after thought comes back and asks H)

Me: Hey..Is this person the...
H: Yes...he's the group head
H:Yes ('matter of factly')
Me: This person...
H: Yes
Me: He rides a bike???
Me: Are you sure??
H: Go buy milk

(I come back after sometime)
H: one would believe that he is the head...
Me: blinks

In the meantime V enters from nowhere, finds the helmet of the guest and screams..
Appaaa....puthu elmet (new helmet)!

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sathish said...

hema, this was really funny!! :)
And thanks for dropping by at ST.