Monday, October 12, 2009

To the the beach!

V loves space. And more so if it is the beach! Thankfully, we only live a few kilometers away from one of Chennai's beaches (Not that the distance would deter the little mister from bawling and cajoling us into taking him there!) The following is a instant-by-instant recollection of his experiences...

Instant One:
Many many months back. His first trip was late in the evening and only in the periphery (thanks to his obsessive amma), a skating rink so to say. V spent most of his time blinking as he could n't figure out what sort of place it was...And this followed for the next few months. After that it was only an 'ice-cream attraction'!

Instant two:
Few months later. Amma became bold enough to take V in day light. The little one was astounded at the sea. He kept saying..."evalo thuutha" (so much water). However he refused to climb down from his appa's shoulder and kept himself only to the 'merry-go-round'.

Instant three:
V walks on the sand only asking to be picked up minutes later. He loves the sea and allows us to carry him as we stand in the water but refuses to let his legs touch the water.

Instant four:
V does the routine walking-a-little on the sand, merry-go-round, and in addition manges to stand in the water for a minute and asks to be carried until we walk out of the beach.
This goes back and forth until the following after which affection for beach takes supersonic proportions.

Present situation:
V walks all the way to the merry-go-round, does his filmy ta-ta bye-bye while he sits on a ridiculously pink 'scooter'. Gets down, walks all by himself to the water, stands among the waves holding his appa's hands and walks all the way back.

Yesterday, this took another turn.

V does every thing mentioned under 'present situation' up to 'holding his appa's hands'. Then, he asks to be left alone...yes...alone in the water, wants to go further in (until the cops come about wielding their lathis  at those who 'intended' to swim') refuses to come out of the water, does so after being literally carried out, walks all the way back and says...aathukku nooooo (no home).


soin said...

my niece took to the beach like a frog.. just wouldnt come out of it..aana marina water ivlo azhuka iruku..nikumbothey lighta smell adikuthu..btw whats v's full form??free

Hema said...

For you I guess V means vambu???!!