Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's (Play) school time!

The dreaded days have arrived. V began going to play school since 'Vijayadasami'. Before I begin babbling on that experience a few sentences on how we came about choosing the school.

For starters, I ,yes, I did n't even look up a list of playschools nor did I do any extensive research. Though, even when V was an infant people kept asking about my choice of play schools and schools, the reason we decided upon his present school was primarily the distance and secondly (also a very important factor) the credentials received from a few very close friends. So that was it. Some time in April (if this is a little too much...well I have to display my sense of obsession some where!) I registered V's name for admissions in October! Needless to say, the school people called me June to tell me that the admissions are beginning the next day only to be reminded (gently) that I wanted to put my son in school ONLY ON VIJAYADASAMI DAY! Even in April, I was asked to admit V in June since he would be nearing two years then (The school takes children aged 22 months and older). But we wanted him to be at least 27 months. He was a few days shy when he actually joined.

Anyway...now back to the dreaded day. We have been preparing V for over a month about school. Thankfully, his three year old best friend goes to the same place so it was easier to convince V. Whenever we took him to the school (to get the form, pay fees etc) he expected us to leave him there and go back home. He wanted to stay with the rabbits and the slide. However, the tough amma was n't convinced. I've read all those books you see...So I was prepared for the eventual first day crying.

A week before school, miraculously, V got back to his regular morning potty routine (for over a month before that, he seemed to have suddenly forgotten his potty habits-this is in itself is a big story and I guess it is best kept 'un-posted'!). Also, his breakfast and lunch routines were back (these had become irregular with the Navarithiri week and many other uncalled for interferences!)

The school provided him with a bag and coincidentally his water bottle, which we had purchased long before, and his snack box were of matching colors and it only added to his and his amma's excitement. (According to H this order has to be reversed). I attended an orientation a few days before the first day (with strict instructions that only the parent must attend without the child) and blinked through all the instructions and informations. Again...I've read all those books and articles you see...So I was preparing for the unexpected!

I accompanied him to school the first day and was asked to stay through all the activities. We were there for about 45 mins and V became clingy. Actually he wanted to go out and play on the slide. Inside, he wanted to come out. Once outside he refused to come home!

Day 2: We went at nine and I was asked to wait outside with other parents. V did not cry. A lot of other children cried and were sent home withing half an hour V and a few other children stayed for another hour. He again refused to come home. The next morning, however, he became cranky, and I was sure that the previous day's behavior was only a flash in the pan and that he would cry today. I've read all about these you see. He walked into school and did n't turn back to say a bye. I was asked to wait again. The children who cried the previous day cried again and were sent home. An hour later I was called. Iwent all geared up to taking the crying child home only to be told that he was doing fine and I could come back an hour later.
The same continued the following day. The long weekend began and V, got up and said 'kooluku ponum (want to go to school).

The following Monday saw no change. the next day either. I in fact, left him, came home and picked him up only at 11:00. Today I was told that from tomorrow he would be in the regular 9:30-11:30 batch. He was keen on picking up his bag but refused to look in my direction and refused to come home. I was thankful to hear that there were two or three other children who cried when asked to go home. But, but and but...I've read a lot you see....I am expecting a 'cry-day' sooner or later.

Wait...Should n't I be happy that my little one is excited to go to school...that he is not clinging to his amma... that he does n't cry... that it would be easier for him to make that transition from home to the outside world? Or...Am I sad that all these are happening...Did the books or websites I read say anything more?? Do I need a therapist? Did I mention something about the dreaded days...well...they are for me.

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