Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In search of memory...

The title is right. In search of my fading memory. Only a strong memory now would leave me with cherished memories later (Some crazy mohan stuff???) Anyway...ever since I began updating this blog I have been wondering whether I really have to do this. Do I really have to tell the world about myself and the family? Well, last week I realized that I am on the right track.
My friend (mother of a three year old) and I were chatting and when I asked something about some behaviour, she thought long and hard and said, "I guess P did the same when he was V's age...but am not sure".
So there it is. I was able to tackle questions on a baby's first year, thanks to all those reading material. But after that...I am not sure. I want keep track of V's milestones and not-so-milestonic events!
Yesterday while waiting to pick up the little one from school, I peered into the group of kids that trotted out. Not because little V was hidden behind bigger children or something else. I had forgotten what clothes he wore that morning!

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