Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't blow your nose too hard

This could be annoying to people who are around and you may end up with an ear infection or something worse. Though I don't disturb the surroundings by doing so or insist on the little one doing so, I was surprised to hear this. A friend's three year old son developed ear infection and one of the first things their ENT speacialist asked was if was i the habit of blowing his nose hard, which in this case was true. Apparently, blowing hard lead to the expanding of a gland in the ear leading to infection. Also,this reverses the flow of mucus back into the sinuses preventing drainage of the same. I will look up for more on this and update. This is the season of 'the cold' and other communicable diseases so it pays to be extra cautious.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I didnt know this!

Kartik Jayaraman said...

Scary. it does pay to be extra cautious!