Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wish I was an Ostrich...

... and am glad that most of us moms think so. My friend had come home for navaratiri and she had left both her children at her aunt's place. The younger one, who is a year old never seems to sleep during the day and is giving my friend a really tough time. She sleeps for hardly an hour a day and stays awake until eleven in the night (I am not alone!). But yesterday my friend came simply because the little one was fast a relative's place. For all the time we spend 'you-know-he/she-likes/does not like', these brats love to embarrass their moms. 

V loves cheese slices and hates anyone (read his parents) 'helping' him remove the slice from the wrapper. A month back a relative had come and V was about to open the wrapper. I know the relative well and told her, with a straight intelligent face, that he gets angry if anyone tried to help him. The unpredictable puppeteer did the unexpected....he gave the unopened cheese slice to the relative and asked her to remove the wrapper. 


Elizabeth said...

I liked the way you put things down, and hence you can see another face in your followers' list..

This post was really fun. I am not yet married, but have seen quite a lot of my niece :)

Hema said...

Thanks Elizabeth!