Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Kim Clijsters the mom

What do Kim Clijsters and all the other tennis playing and non-tennis playing moms have in common? We all take a break for the family. 
What do Clijsters and a few other moms out there have in common? They give birth to a baby and eighteen months later come to what they do best and triumph! 
I am very happy that it has to be Clijsters setting this example after more than 25 years, than any other player. It is not only because of her silent grit, as she powered past a bad-mouthing Williams sister. It is because she always has played her game this way. I will not get into the analysis of the match. But this is to a woman who has proved (like many others) that marriage and children are not the only show-stoppers! Looking forward to more tennis from you...

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