Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Speaking milestones....good and bad

I seemed to have unlearned all that I so meticulously and obsessively have been following all along. All the books and websites I pored into have caught me on the wrong foot. Trying to be 'the perfect mom', I had, all along aroused annoyance only to be laughed at now.
Four days back my parents had come to stay with us. V, a couple of days later suddenly began saying..'paati..poo...neee pooo, veliya poo' (paati...you go away) etc. I glared at him and whether he understood most of what I said or not, asked him not to utter those words again. Suddenly it dawned on me. That morning and the day earlier, when my mother tried to help me in the kitchen, I asked her to stay away (for her benefit obviously). I must have (I do so often) used 'po' quite liberally then! I was dumbstruck for a long time. My mother was gracious enough to let it pass (after all mother knows best!), but my father jumped at the opportunity to get back at me after all the sufferings his wife had to go through under his treacherous, over-powering, know-it-all daughter! I defended (though meekly) that I at least had the sense to react quickly. Jokes apart, it was a rude wake up call.
I always considered the mixing up of tenses as one of the developments in speech and wondered when V will say tomorrow instead of yesterday!. To my delight he did that two days back. When I asked him 'when did thatha come'?, he said naalaiki (tomorrow)!!

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