Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Of thaak uuu and choyee..

Well well and well...I can lift my collar up and give myself (and also H, poor fellow)  a pat on the back. All our efforts from, when V was a small baby, in practicing courtesies have paid off. We are receiving reciprocation for all the 'Thank yous' and 'Sorrys' we had repeatedly used to teach V some lessons in manners. He manages to say "thaak uu', sometimes even without prompting. Sorry or in his words Choyee came a little late, a few weeks back, to be used regularly, whenever he drops his food, scribbles on the wall or throws a toy down.

Whenever V wants water he would run to the water can, hold a tumbler beneath the tap, open the tap and shout for his amma or appa because he does n't know how to close it. If he finishes it he'll get a 'good-boy' or a stern (or that is what I think) stare if he thinks he is playing with the water by pouring it down.

A few days back he wanted water and as usual called for his amma after opening the tap.

I did n't know whether to rejoice or get angry when after I had closed the tap he said 'thaak uu' and immediately poured the water down and said 'choyee'.

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