Monday, September 14, 2009

Of new toys and books

The anally retentive amma pulled out all of V's books and toys, looked at each of them a hundred times and decided that new ones were due. H was led down at gun point and I was made to understand at the same point that it was going to be a bike ride and we set off to Landmark to see if anything new was on the racks. V was left at home with a kindly relative who made sure we shop and hop with peace. 
The Nungambakkam store is good for books (as always), music and films (even for children!) If you are looking out for toys head to Spencer Plaza or Citi centre and head back to Nungambakkam for books. Under the pretension of taking a long winding walk towards the kids section I stood still at 'Indian writings' and 'Humor'. When H asked I told him the Indian writing section had the panchatantra which we could read, but he pretended to be deaf and went away. After half an hour, knowing exactly what I wanted in the children's section I pulled out books that I thought best with half of them going back at H's behest (to put it mildly). We eventually settled for some 'Bubbles' books and some picture books. We actually counted ourselves lucky to find something on the tamil alphabet. I made a mental note of the books that we could buy later at the store or at the book fair at discounted prices. This done we headed towards toys and as I had mentioned earlier it was really not worth taking a look. We (I) still managed to find some puzzles. Finally it was the vcd/dvd section. Impressed by V's latest craze and obsession towards naathaswarams, I had this brilliant idea to get him a vcd/dvd of 'thillana moganambal (TM)'! 
A note to the store guys: Tamil films have an equally big following at your store as the others. Kindly learn to arrange atleast in chronological orders for the sake of people like us. Well...after rummaging through the racks of tamil films (that is quite a collection...I made mental note 2 to come back later) we found everything but TM. Frustrated we asked an attendant and he after spending some 15 mins managed to find a three film dvd of which TM was a part. I'll watch the other two films and write later.
As we left the store I could n't help but realize that I did n't buy a single book for myself and H had conveniently 'forgotten'. Anyway, I am happy that I did n't buy then (this was a week back) because a sale is on at the store and I can shop minus guilt.
We went home, showed V his new possessions and told him we got him a a new 'ga ma' (as he refers to that particular piece). I played it and he he asked me to repeat it 10 times. He was smiling though I really can't say if it was the musical note or Sivaji Ganesan's  or Nagesh's acting. I was pleased at having spent all the time in bringing back that perfect thing to make him happy and was making mental notes 4, 5 and 6 on all the other things that we could set our hands on when the little brat said...
 "Amma...Nalla Ga ma podu" (play the good Ga Ma)!

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