Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of mosquito bites

The swine flu scare made me stock bottles of eucalyptus oil and sprinkle the oil wherever in the house and this has helped tackled another problem. Mosquitoes seem to bite less! This does n't seem to be a repellent but is as effective. Anyway... the problem is the damage they've already done.

V looks like he has rashes on his legs, whereas the truth is that they are scars from repeated scratching. Initially we were worried but later learnt that it is common and the marks take time to go away. We now take care to protect him from bites as they are more dangerous than scars.

I have been applying Lacto-calamine on the scars in the night and it is pretty effective. I guess (Ok the H said so) the zinc whatever in the lotion reduces itching. The little one does n't scratch much, these days. I also apply a moisturizer in the morning to prevent flaking.

What I consider more dangerous are the questions posed in this regard. Tired of answering (even if what I say is what doctors also say) them, I now dress V in trousers whenever we go out. Thankfully, he is co-operative.

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