Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whining, wailing and playing!

The problem after having decided to blog is that there are too many things in the head and so little time and opportunity to actually put them down. I repeatedly kick myself for not having done this earlier (say two years back???) and now I want to put down whatever I recollect! See I digress, waste time and wail.
The last said is my first topic. V, for the past three weeks has resorted to wailing. I checked Dr.Spock's manual and hundred other websites and all of them only talk about whining and more whining. They probably thought wailing is too harsh a word to describe a child's behavior. But I do not want to paint a rosy picture, so wailing it is. My first instinct is to laugh and this makes things worse. If it was mere crying and anger I could probably 'wide-eye angry' shush it. But that is not to be. My little  brat wants to run all around the house mouthing incomprehensible language, thus not making things easy for either of us. Picture this: I tell him his rhyme time is over...wait... this one is even more interesting(?). The rhymes are actually done on the CD and he lets out a loud cry...Ammaaa ducckku (or Maama. or linga linga or tick thock or however he wishes to call them) aaacchiii (over). When I try to pick him up he says Nnnooo and goes amma vaangaaoo intha rhymmee pothu venta nanu etc etc. Sometimes out of frustration I try to play it again and he says Nnnooo. And this is how the rest of the conversation goes:
Me: Will you drink Horlicks?
V: amma orliks.. I go to get it (IGG) ammaa orlicks Nnooooo
Me: Biscuit?
V: amma bikki Again IGG amma bikkki Nnooooo,
Me: Ok.. Tata polama? (Shall we go out)
V: Taataaa pulaam (we'll go) Nnooo amma taataa nnooo and goes amma vaangaaoo intha rhymmee pothu venta nanu etc etc
This continues until the wail becomes a whine becomes a sing song and I end up lifting him and showing how the washing machine functions!
I guess like every other phase (as the good doctors put it) this will also pass.
The baby center website is a boon. Whenever I encounter what I think is a problem, I get a newsletter from them which has information on the same issues! So I sit back relieved that mine is a genius like every other kid! A few weeks back I received an email on the variety that pre-schoolers looked for and how instead of hitting the toy shop every other week, we can use things at home for play-time. Between us the amma is obsessed with buying new toys and V (much to his appa's delight) is satisfied with every available plate, spoon, bucket, towel, newspaper, his parents' mobile phones, reading glasses, sun glasses and what not, to keep himself busy.
This morning we were playing with his cars. Five minutes later he brought his drum and wanted me to play the nathaswaram with a spoon! Ten more minutes later he pulled out a puzzle and threw it back in the same breath. Some minutes later he came with our multi plug connector and pulled the wire as I stood with the adapter. After he pulled its full length he tossed it up and down giving me the occasional warning Nooos when I tried winding the wire. Mercifully he decided to eat his lunch after that. I have to check what else is at home to keep him occupied! Hmm..ennathaa solla?

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