Monday, August 10, 2009

Then and Now...

From baby to brat...V has come very far. His latest entertainment, comforter, time-pass, boredom reliever (though he still revels in watching rhymes and song videos) is a set of videos (three-minute from the digital point and shoot camera) that were shot during his baby days and the days when he could barely walk. He rolls in laughter when the 'paappa' (that is him!) struggles to sit up, creep and crawl. He has tears in his eyes as he giggles uncontrollably as he watches the little one bang his head against a door or tries unsuccessfully to climb a low chair. We tell him that the 'paappa' is none but little V...he accepts and then begins laughing again. When some one comes home he drags them to the computer and asks his appa to show them 'crying paappa'. So much so that yesterday he sat against a door and began banging his head, just the same way the 'paappa' in the video did! To top it all, he adds "appaaaa...pphotho eddu"...Really...what was he thinking?!

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