Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slokams and more than that...

The husband and I are not particularly religious. We believe in God, to the extent that we offer the regular pujas, flowers and visit temples once in a while. We don't go over the top. We try to put our best efforts into whatever we do, offering prayers irrespective of whether the said task is done or not. The husband is much better between us when it comes to knowledge of traditions and rituals. You will not catch him doing his daily puja or chanting slokams aloud. One look at him (both of us as a matter of fact) and one single conversation can make people believe that we are atheists. We don't care and are happy about the low profile we keep.  On any festival, when a puja is required to be performed, H ensures that he is dressed in the appropriate costume (read silk veshti),  decorates the puja room with flowers and lights agharbathis and gives the festival its due. The lazy wife (lazy because push her to the brink, she'll still only think about a saree and not wear one) does her best in the kitchen. 
All along we make sure that V participates. The H teaches him some slokam once in a while (and whatever V says sounds the same as of now!). Don't even count me on that. We actually do not insist him to do this and that nor are we proud that we know or don't know something. But our collective opinion is that whatever we perform at home has to be a learning experience for V. At least we want him to know the traditions we follow and have left it to him to decide what he wants to follow in the future. A festival brings in a lot of positive energy.  When  sees us giving sweets to neighbors he learns sharing. When we visit temples he not only becomes familiar with devotion but also traditional architecture. We have not as yet (what if he is only two!) pushed him into anything and don't wish to, in the future either.
I must however say that V gets very excited at the sight of the bells in the puja room. He loves pulling off and putting on flowers, rubbing of the 'kolam' that I painstakingly managed to draw, rings the brass bell and brings a plate to every one asking them to touch the imaginary flame from the imaginary camphor. I am happy simply because all these keep him occupied for 20 minutes!

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