Friday, August 7, 2009

Reliving those wonderful college days!

Thanks to a college friend who took great pains to locate some of us through orkut, a few of us met a couple of days back. The occasion was the the wedding reception of that friend's brother. I was so excited that I began planning ten days earlier! Well, the planning included contacting friends who were likely to attend the function and making arrangements to leave the toddler behind! That actually was the main part of the 'plan' and it added to the excitement. For the first time in two years I was planning for a venture minus the kid and the husband! One by one the friends backed out and I was banking on just one of them for the outing. To make sure she came along I pestered and nagged her every one hour at the danger of making her back out too. But she eventually succumbed to my repeated "we will never get this opportunity again" and trotted along. The 'big day' came and the two of us in characteristic style arrived at the hall ( a hotel here) much before the bride could begin getting her make-up done! To kill time we wandered about T.Nagar okay, a particular mall in T.Nagar. When we decided to leave for the hall, the rain that was playing hide and seek all along left the two of us not so wet and gasping and we were thankful to our car driver who ensured that we did not make a spectacle of ourselves and took us safely to our destination. The big deal about the whole encounter was that I (famous for such things) was with one of the least-likely-to-get-caught-in-such-situations-friend. Anyway...we did meet a couple of friends at the dinner, and more than anything else, I was happy to carry the smallest of bags, that I d ever gone out with these two years!
Close on heels (two days later) was the first birthday celebration of another friend's daughter. This time, the toddler came along and the number of friends that met rose to four. It was even better than the first one, with the husband of the friend who had organized the function, wondering if all of us (including his wife who was the first of the gang to get married almost a decade back) ever grew! So much so that Deedu found company, not among the kids running around but one of us! At the end of it all, we were very happy to find out that despite being married, over weight, mother of one or two, or still looking for that right match, all of us had retained some of the eccentricities of college days.

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maathangi said...

You're still eccentric, I agree!! :P