Monday, August 31, 2009

A month of festivals

August had been a month of functions and festivals. Normally it would be yet another day with only some puja or an extra item cooked being the additions. But with V trying to participate in all the 'household happenings', we were enthused to make each one a celebration. It began with "Avani Avittam" (I am planning to compile details of as many rituals, festivals and functions possible for V's sake). V was very excited because his appa tied a silk veshti around his waist and also put over his shoulder a namesake poonal (Yagnopavita, the sacred thread, in V's case a 'kalla poonal') He went around with what he called 'poolan', and as usual demanded to be photographed. We were n't surprised at his excitement, given his penchant for the puja room and its contents! He removed it and H (the husband) hung it on a nail in the room and whenever he wanted it V asked for the 'poolan'!
Next to follow was Gokulashtami (since we do not celebrate 'varalakshmi viratham'). My job was made easy by my mother who asked me not to 'strain myself' with a kid around and brought the sweets, seedai and murukku the previous day. For our part, we bought the bag that was available at Grand Sweets! On 'Gokulashtami, H had some important meeting at office which he could n't miss and was to come home only after eleven at night. So that evening it was the toddler and me who actually performed the puja! V 'helped' me by rubbing off all the tiny feet that I had manged to draw with the rice flour. After lots of cajoling and screaming I let him do what he wanted to and drew everything again with a piece of wet chalk! Thankfully he did not notice them. I tied the veshti around him and he immediately asked for the 'poolan'. I tried to deck him up like the Lord himself with some jewelery, but the little one resisted so strongly that if not for the silk veshti, he would have looked like a small sanyasi!
In the puja room he 'helped' me again by heaping the flowers and chanting Oommmm and a lot of other comprehensible things. To top it all I gave his favorite brass bell to ring. We were done after half an hour and at about 7:30 just when when I was wondering how long it would take for H to come and whether I should wait or just keep the stuff  on the table and go to sleep, the unpredictable husband walked in! I was irritated more because we could hear the bell in the neighbourhood well after nine!
The last one for the month was Ganesh chaturthi and H was thankfully at home. V wanted to touch the clay pillayar and decorate the diety himself. He kept sneaking away with the paper kodai (umbrella) and we had a tough time securing it from him. This time too the amma happily settled to make only vadai and payasam and skipped the 'kozhakattai'. Poor V. He would have to depend on his granny for all the delicacies. As usual he had a field day with a lot of chanting and bell ringing!

Oops..almost forgot the highlight. H had taught V that we celebrate on certain days to mark the 'birthdays' of the respective incarnations (not in the same words though!)

This is what V said first thing in the morning...

Aaapppy bethdayy to u keechna...
Aaapppy bethdayy to u Peepaa (for pillayar)!!!!

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