Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Live and let me live.... and also let others live!

I do not give unsolicited advice. I do not complain on what people wear unless it is someone really close and to whom what I say would matter. I appreciate people who are well dressed and choose their make-up wisely. If I do not like something I just keep quite. I am not laying any rules for life. Also I do not care what others think about is their life and their opinion.

But please-oh-please let me be me. I am a plain Jane. I have been one right from my childhood days and I have absolutely no regrets. My sartorial adventures before marriage used to begin and end with some pairs of jeans and t-shirts and the wardrobe post marriage accommodates salwar kameezes and sarees (that were purchased and used only for and at the wedding!).

Before my wedding, the last time I applied make-up (read lipstick!) was for a dance programme in class five, eons ago. As I had mentioned earlier, I appreciate and would even recommend brands and clothes to people who are interested in fine dressing. Though my sister was more dressed than I was at my wedding, I gave her ideas on accessories. I like "window shopping" for jewellery though I don't like sporting any (except ofcourse the 'bare' esssentials, that the society requires a married woman to wear :p).

I am blah blahing because I am sick and tired of people who take great pains to know why I am like this. Why can't I keep a bigger bindi (hello..I at least have one on my forehead!), why could n't I have dressed up in a designer saree rather than that heavy pattu saree at my sister's wedding (People recognized me ..that was enough and I had to use that pattu saree more than once!). Why did I have to put on the simple and traditional maruthaani (mehendi) design on my palms instead of the spidery stuff for my wedding and why not even that at my sister's? Here I get particularly irritated at some people (read old) who say what I did was right ...our traditional designs are the best. They don't give me any credit for this. They only reiterate their points of view and my case is convenient for them.

Well.. I am like that because I like to be like that.

On the other hand criticisms are also faced by people who dress well and by those who only need an occasion or a mere reason for the occasion (WDP)! The people who are against me are also against the WDP. Their problem lies within themselves. They cannot tolerate a well dressed teacher or a doctor. At the same time if someone wears one-fifteenth of the jewellery that they adorn or if someone else's saree has one inch less zari, they are not left in peace either.

I guess the problem lies with the people who comment. They want to dress simple, but forever have to grapple with the fear of facing ridicule. They want to dress more but probably do not have the aptitude to do so (I won't say looks here...No way!) The least they can do is to keep quiet and let the others move on. The sad part of the whole issue is that it is not the elderly alone that comment. People across age-groups have this problem. Yes... It is a problem not mine (or the WDP's) but theirs (I'll add later if I coin a name!)
Live and let which ever way possible.

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