Thursday, August 20, 2009

I write, because I want to...but I don't waste anybody's time!

I was actually wondering if the status of a celebrity or so-called-celebrity would give you a lot of visibility or the right to demand visibility. A lot of people (read those from the media) choose many a forum to express themselves. Some toggle between TV and radio, some radio and the press, some the press and TV, some all three. Many of them also interact online through blogs and websites. The problem here is that the line between experts and celebrity experts, is blurring.
An English daily is now carrying a fortnightly write-up on relationship issues, by a celebrity, who is popular in the mainstream media. Agreed. But what about content? Just because someone gives the writing space (I also guess money), are we readers suppose to tolerate any nonsense? This appears in the popular daily supplement to the newspaper. I read it regularly as it is more interesting than the main newspaper. Probably people like me contribute to the glorification of certain people and certain things.
I started blogging only recently (look at my archives....not yet??) But I am very happy these days because I need not slog myself into writing something, sending it across to newspapers and then waiting for it to be published. is a space which I use to pour down my thoughts and carry on with the rest of my business. I don't care if anyone reads it or not. Even when somebody does, it is a discussion only between us and do not waste anyone's time or space.
Forget me, a nobody... A lot of celebrities simply create blogs and websites to interact, stay in touch and to post information. Why... just why can't the above mentioned resort to any of these (I must check if something exists) and why waste precious newspaper space?
I really hope the forthcoming weeks provide something better...or else I will be coming up with a stronger post. After all...who would care to read what I write?!


maathangi said...

This writing style poses somewhat a slight resemblance to that in one of Balakumar's recent articles in Adyar Talk. Dont know if you read them, but they are extremely hilarious and worth the read!

Hema said...

C'mon...Don't insult the poor fellow....He's way too cynical and he's getting paid!