Friday, July 24, 2009

Two years and more to remember!

The little one has started talking quite a bit. It would be a white lie if I say, "I still remember the first time when he cooed"! I remember the coos but not when. I ll probably look into that dairy that I maintained during his first year. To be fair to all moms who try and rack their brains on what thier children did in the first 18 months or two years of birth...1) It is difficult,2) Most infants and bigger babies are the same with the rate of development varying from child to child. So stop getting nervous and pull out those baby books!
Actually I am writing this not to talk about the baby but my growing toddler. I can thank my laziness and inabitlity in maintaining a blog these two years but yesterday I realized (I don t know what triggered it) that this is the right time. This is the time (or even earlier) when the child begins to reflect the behaviour, attitude and habits of the parent. Every baby is different,I agree. But as babies with basic needs, their growth and development are on predictable lines. As they grow, it is their environment, upbringing and genetic traits that differentiate them from the others. So this is a record of not only our son's growthpath, but ours in general.
Anyway...He has begun saying four word sentences now. His favourite however is "appa angae pokathey" (appa don't go there). He simply replaces appa with amma, thatha, paati or even ball, pen, crayon as his needs may be. H tried to teach him "iru" (Wait) instead of the full sentence and managed to get a "idhu". The R sound eludes him! Sometimes he speaks continuosly for three minutes and people look at me me as if to warrant an explanation. Wait people... I have to catch up too!

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