Monday, July 13, 2009

I Get Irritated

to no extent when people keep behaving the same way for years and I still have to tolerate that behaviour. I guess I encouraged the indifference by continuously remaining silent in a bid to empathise with and alleviate depressed minds. Now as I grow older and as 'my' family becomes bigger and also my first priority, all I expect is some kind of reciprocation. However, I get annoyed when I still remain the listener, and have to bear the weight of the baggage I ve carried all along. I can put an end to this by cutting off conversations and even contacts, but I am a social animal like every other human being. I need to be friendly enough to term those attidues and behaviour as deficiences of lesser beings and carry on! I need to keep this in mind because, with another phone call or conversation, I ll find myself in the same situation all over again. I m happy I put this down because it is better than writing to, for yourself than trying to explain things to someone.

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