Monday, July 13, 2009

I calmed down...thanks to the Superstar!

I should have included this in the previous post, but it would have made my anger frivolous! Trying to rest my mind, I surfed through the idiot box when I caught the song "Aasai Nooru vagai" from the film "Adutha varisu"being played. I don't know the original intentions behind the song, but it provides great entertainment even today! Seriously... in recent times when have you watched a hero performing to an 'item' number??? The silly steps, the sillier background, great music, great singing and to top it all the ubiquitous Rajini style, all made one great package! It reminded me of a life which was simple (OK..I had mentioned something similar in the MJ post), movies were simpler and the days when, for entertainmen, people, in general, went to movies, concerts or the never-failing to interest, Marina beach. Anyway...this has been said again and again by many and I don' t want to add to it at the cost of sounding like an old person (I'm right now 'mind blogging' but there will be a post, soon enough, on a particular issue-generation gap!) All I want to say is that I had a good time 'watching' the song after a really long time. I really couldn't help laughing my head off when Rajinikanth walks off after the song, as if it was a duty well completed and begins talking to the villain about his next job. I just kept smiling to myself for a long time, after that! I prefer watching these to stuff that makes one think and get angry about. The former brings peace to the mind!!

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