Monday, July 27, 2009

First visit to the zoo....!

Yesterday, we took V to the Guindy National park, his first experience in a zoo! We visited the snake park first, but the kid became restless pretty soon what with the monotony of watching sleeping reptiles behind glass cages and big crocodiles in small ponds! He did recognize crocodiles repeatedly calling out to them- alligata! The children's park was a much better experience as he seemed to prefer birds to animals. Having made us carry him all along, he suddenly got down at the sight of ducks, cranes and flamingoes and went towards the fence crying 'ducku ducku' and a crane look alike (forgot to note what bird it actually was) came towards him. The macho man suddenly turned (back) into the toddler that he is and pulled back the little hand that stretched in! He went berserk at the sight of ducks and began 'gooojey goojey gand-ha'. Any bird with a beak and webbed feet is duck to him and sings "goosey goosey" at them! Children's thoughts are so simple! Anyway...that was was back to 'appa thooki, amma thooki' and we had to carry him till the exit. Am unable to figure out what is with him but can only hope he begins to walk long stretches all over again.

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