Monday, July 27, 2009

...and the first Lolli-Pop!

I am not too sure whether it was the rhyme "I took a hop to the shop to buy my favourite lolli-pop" or his father reinforcing the idea just before we left for the zoo. All through the day the little mister went on and on-amma lolllii pop, lollliii-pop. It was used as a mantra to extract good behaviour from him until evening, when he went berserk and demanded that he actually have one! We went out for dinner and told him that he would get the lolli pop on the way home. I really don't know if it is a protocol on a Sunday for children to feast on toffees, but none of the ten shops we stopped by had any (this included super markets, which anyway don't seem to have a fancy to stock lollipops, what they seem to think are ignorable stuff). V chanted throughout out the journey home and his prayers were answered at a medical store. They didn't have the 'conventional pops' though. It was a pop version of the Alpenliebe candy. It was enough to make the little mouth drool. He climbed up the stairs on his own, removed his shoes (or tried to) and waited with longing eyes. When he opened the wrapper, he didn't seem too excited. He probably expected something similar to what he sees in his rhyme book. It however did not deter his enthusiasm to lick his first ever lollipop but certainly seemed to have acted villain to the second, because since this morning he seemed completely oblivious to the existence of the second candy stick... Will have to wait for his memory and taste buds to work again tomorrow.. I expect a battle between lollipop and the quintessential 'mittai' (the perennial candy favorite) tomorrow!

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