Friday, June 26, 2009

I Remember the Time...

When I heard of the demise of the "King of Pop", this morning I was reminded of the fact that "Beat It" was one of the first songs in the western music genre that I listened to. Though the likes of George Michael, Bon Jovi, Nirvana and a few others formed an assorted list of my favorites, MJ was special because of the videos that accompanied the chart toppers. Not that I turned into a big fan, but his was the most popular music of those times, undoubtedly. Even many of the (that I know of) die hard "rock-fans" who shied away from mushy pop, and the "typical' pop listeners, who thought metal was all noise were silent admirers of Michael Jackson's music and his path breaking 'moon-walk'. MJ's music prevailed the innumerable controversies he was a part of. His child hood was said to have been a sad one and this was reflected in some of his songs. Personally, his music brings to me the good old memories of simple pop music and funky videos, unlike the pretentious ones that we watch today. It reminds me of those days when a "Smooth criminal" would inspire even the inept of dancers to shake a leg, and 'Heal the World" which would make the most inhibited sing out loud or make even the stone hearted shed a tear. MJ was in news for all the wrong reasons. Even then, nobody hated his music as is being proved today with every other news channel and website carrying notes of praise from music lovers all over (I am not talking about celebrity comments though!) His demise has left a vacuum in the field of music.... as would happen with passing away of any icon.
P.S: The last thing I wanted to post in my blog was a tribute....But this is an exception because more than Michael Jackson and his music, this is about the good old days (my time machine dates back only to twenty years so this is not for those who talk about the 60's and 70's as the good old days!) when music, movies and madness were simple and in your face !

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