Friday, April 3, 2009

Twenty three months and growing bigger!

It only looks like I was pregnant a month ago; delivered my son, only a week ago and that he turned one only yesterday...Well he is twenty three months old now and all those 'looks like he was...' seems more my desire to get back to those good old days! Really... every bygone day seems to be better than the following one, especially with a toddler nearing the 'terrible twos' stage just getting bigger.
I began maintaining a diary once he was born and like every other activity, it lost its steam as he garnered more attention than anything else. I wanted to make a list of all the words he had begun to say and now that I' ve sat down to it, he has already begun framing small sentences!
Anyway...Just when we thought all is well and that he has begun following a routine, he fell sick last week and now that he's recovered it is back to the basics stage!
I know that this post is a little haphazard, at least chronologically.... That is how babyhood is too! Absolutely topsy turvy and so it is for the parent. is the most wonderful experience ever. I tried to look at it philosophically and what did I get? My babyhood and if I continue my observations I ll probably see my whole life!

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maathangi said...

Yes indeed!It seems just a few months ago, Vidyut was born, and we are already talking of sending him to school! :)