Friday, December 19, 2008

Yet another mommy blog!

Yes it is every other mom! This has been in the pipe line or should I say mind line for the past two years but it was too difficult to even think in between repeated nappy changing, nursing, putting to sleep, feeding, cleaning, peek-a-booing and everything else associated with motherhood. But at one point of time days flew by so fast that I hardly remember V's infant days. I have written some down, but this is easier and more effective with the editor, spell check and the option of having the toddler on the shoulder while typing! I had to pull myself for this today as a I heard the news of a friend of mine having given birth to a boy baby this morning. Anyway... this is almost like a diary. Atleast, when someone asks me, next year, about how i managed certain behaviour or food problem, I need not rack my brains alone! I only hope I am consistent in my endeavors.

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